No level auditions will be performed. We will move the participants only if we believe that it will help the proper functioning of the lessons


Begginer +

You have started dancing a few months ago and you haven't spent much time socially dancing.

You know the difference between 6 and 8 counts, Charlestone's basic steps, but you still don't have much confidence.

You intend to evolve your dance and learn how to communicate better with your partner, enjoy music and improvisation.

Our teachers will guide you with love during the weekend, so you have an unforgettable experience.
That's the one for me!



This is the level where most Hoppers, who practice Lindy as a hobby, are comfortable.

You have learned the concepts of Bounce, rhythm, you have worked the technique, connection and musicality. You know most of the basic movements (circle, promenade, tuck-turn, 6 and 8 steps, swing out, charleston) and some variations. You can easily connect the basic steps and transmit-to your partner successfully. You regularly participate in social dance of your city or surroundings. The average times are your favourites and it still costs you a bit to dance with fast or slow times.

You would like to improve your dance at any speed, dance more fluently and musical and add new movements, rhythms or styles to your dance.
That's the one for me!



This level is for dancers who attend lessons or courses regularly or practice a little bit at home.

You have attended workshops and/or some festival/s. You are going to dance frequently and you can mix steps fluently. You are well known as Hopper and take care of your partner on the dance floor.

You feel comfortable dancing swing outs at different speeds and using more advanced movements such as Sugar Push and similar steps aren't a mystery for you. You have also begin to understand the importance of jazz steps in your dance and dominate Shim Sham.

You want to know more rhythmic variations and develop your musicality, extend your vocabulary, learn from the history and values of Lindy, improve your improvisation and be able to express yourself in a free and personal way on the dance floor.
That's the one for me!



This level is for experienced dancers, who practice at home weekly and Lindy Hop is already part of their life.

You have attended workshops, some festivals &/or did some competitions. You are going to dance frequently, you can mix steps fluently and you feel comfortable at any tempo. You are capable of doing Swing Out and other steps at a very fast tempo.

Your connection is solid and you use different "stretch" techniques while dancing. You are able to enrich your dance with Solo Jazz movements when you are dancing with your couple.

You enjoy the rhythm, syncopation and musicality while you're dancing. You can memorize new steps and routines easily like the Bigg Apple.

At this level our teachers will give their best to squeeze your qualities and to surprise you on to the wonderful world of musicality and to the free interpretation during your dance with your couple.
That's the one for me!


Friday June 28th

Inside an old church we can enjoy dancing without stopping with our favourite band Toulouse Hot Club.


We will also take the opportunity to present the teachers who will teach the following 2 days.


2 hours concert and a little more Jam to finish this first day with a good taste.


We also have some prepared surprises …


Place: St. Domenech Church
Hours: from 10pm to 02h
Music: Toulouse Hot Club


Buy individual entrance

Saturday June 29th

Day of taking advantage of everything learned and relating with as many people as possible to continue enjoying this magical experience.


This time, we will make 3 parts of concert that will lengthen and let all the attendees dance until they are exhausted. And if all your energy has not been exhausted, we have prepared a jam with our own DJ to dance until the legs say enough.


Place: St. Domenech Church
Hours: from 10pm to 04am
Music: Toulouse Hot Club


Buy individual entrance

Sunday June 30th: Final party

We have prepared a “pica pica” meal for all hoppers who want to participate.


After eating we can enjoy an afternoon jam with our local DJ and end the festival with a good feeling and with a lot of new experiences.


Place: To confirm
Hours: from 2pm to 7pm
Music: DJ We Swing Pirineu


Planning schedule

4h30 hours of lessons per level will be held, 1h30 with each couple of teachers, distributed between Saturday (10 am to 8pm) and on Sunday (10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.).


Soon we will put more information


Contact us for more information


Hotel Avenida & Hotel Nice

You’ll enjoy a good stay.

Includes half pension: Friday dinner, breakfast and dinner on Saturday and Sunday breakfast.

The rooms will be shared between 2 or 3 people.

Please, if you come as a couple and want to sleep in the same room, tell us during the subscription form and we will take it into account.


The Festival begins on Friday, June 28 at 4:00 p.m.
Registration will be from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. in the same concert hall, St Domenech room

Sunday, Jule 30 at 7:00 p.m.

If you come from Barcelona, there are direct buses from Sans station or from the airport.
If you come from Lerida, there are direct buses from the train station.
You can also try to find vehicles that go from your area with the Bla Bla car APP

The rooms will be for 2 to 3 people, we will distribute the rooms according to the order of registration of the festival, if you come alone you will only have to share with 1 or two people maximum. If you come with a friend or a partner, put it in at the time of registration and we will be able to put you in the same room.

The following link sends you directly to the directions of Google maps

Our association is not in charge of managing other accommodations. But La Seu de Urgel is a small city and it will be easy for you to find accommodation.

Passes are non-refundable. They are only transferable to another person with the same role and level. This management must be done before June 27. We recommend contacting your insurance company to have cancellation insurance and thus be protected if you have to cancel your attendance at the festival. Only in case of accident or serious illness justified the days before the festival, you can send an email (swingincadi@gmail.com) to the Organization and it will assess whether the situation is reimbursable. For any questions consult the legal notice and general conditions.

Yes, the minimum number of people required will be 10. Send us a message and we will contact you to manage the registration.

Check that the confirmation email is in the “spam” folder, otherwise wait 48 hours. If you do not receive any confirmation email, please send us an email to resolve the situation, thank you.

We only have payment by deposit/bank transfer. If you live in a country outside the European Union (Andorra, Monaco, Malta, San Marino…) contact us to find the solution that best suits all of us.

While you are on the waiting list, your registration will not be considered completed. The Organization will assign followers or leaders to the waiting list, in order of registration, as other followers or leaders sign up without a partner. That is why we recommend signing up with a partner.
If the Lindy hop lessons are sold out, the followers and leaders on the waiting list lose their priority by order of registration. In the lessons we will let there be a maximum of 10% unpartnered students, in order to provide the highest quality for all attendees.
For those who have not been able to get a place in the lessons, the festival proposes other alternatives such as the Pack of nature activities and the Party pass.
It is the responsibility of the followers or leaders on the waiting list to decide if they want to request the change of pass when entering the waiting list, or prefer to wait for the option of finding a partner. In both cases, pass changes will be made based on the places that remain available. The Organization does not guarantee that there will be availability once the change is requested.

In the event of any cancellation, the Organization will assign those places in order of registration to the couples on the waiting list. Previously we will contact these people to inform them of the change, and once confirmed, the confirmation email will be sent.

Yes, only for the Subalpí and Alpí levels. For the Basal and Montà levels we trust in your responsibility and common sense when choosing the level that you think is most appropriate. From the Organization we reserve the right to make level changes if we believe that this will help the correct functioning of the lessons.

We recommend bringing plenty of water, a towel, a spare shirt, suitable shoes and a great desire to learn!

We recommend bringing comfortable sports clothing, mountain sports shoes, a small backpack with 1L of water, jacket, raincoat, snack food, sunglasses, sunscreen and a great desire to enjoy!

The activities of rafting, interpretive hiking, canoeing and treasure hunting come with insurance.

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