Ari & Simon

Ari & Simon are swing dance teachers, performers and choreographers. Primarly focused on Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz. They are passionate about thes dance forms, especially in the context of their cultural traditions, their values and their place as a artform.


Working together since 2016, tehy are now based in Madrid working globally as well as growing their online plataform Patreon.


They are an energetic and rhytmical couple who love the interplay between the individual, teh music and the partner during a dance and how it can develop into a beautiful conversation.


They hold titles from the International Lindy Hop Championchips, The Savoy Cup and The Korean Lindy Hop Championchips, among others. Their passion for the dance and the culture of swing has grow with them and is somthing they constantly strive to develope and express, whether in classes, ons stage or in competition.

Uxue Martínez & Gerard Nevot

Uxue and Gerard are a dance couple from Pamplona and Barcelona. Both are dedicated to teaching Lindy hop and Authentic Jazz at the Triple Step school in Terrassa (Barcelona).


Their journey as jazz dancers is relatively short, but the two have been involved with dance from a very young age. Gerard comes from tango and ballroom dancing, while Uxue’s background is rhythmic gymnastics, classical and contemporary dance.


That is why the two apply a pedagogy that is based on the understanding of movement and its expression through swing music.


After their first prize in the Savoy cup 2022 (in the open category of “Couple Routine”) they come with a lot of energy and a desire to share creativity with all the students.

Melanie & Albert Roca

Melanie and Albert are two very charismatic and energetic teachers who will make you recognize the essence of swing and all its little details.


For 6 years now, they have been the teachers who have come to teach the students of our association and we are super happy to have them.


They began as teachers of Ballroom Dance and Cuban Salsa.


From 2014 is when they begin to teach Lindy Hop and grow as teachers of this style. They also got to know the Blues, which they would fall in love with and it would lead them to teach at international festivals, such as the “In love with Blues” in Tours in 2019.


As of 2017, they began to participate in various Blues competitions and succeeded, finishing in first place on the Jack&jill at the “Cocoa Blues Exchange” in Barcelona.


Another of the moments that made them take a further leap, was during the “Paris Midnight Blues 2019”, finishing first in the Strictly (Melanie) and in the M&M (Albert) competition.


They are teachers who adapt to their students and who give many examples and different ways of doing things so they will adapt to all the participants, always with a great sense of humor and a lot of charisma.


Currently, they run their own dance school giving national and international lessons, collaborate in events and organize their “Low & Slow” blues festival.

The Band


Born in 2018 from the meeting of people with different musical sensibilities (swing, hip-hop, rockabilly, bluegrass, funck…) with the desire to animate the community of Lindy Hop dancers, the Toulouse Hot Club is an atypical and unique formula in the world of swing and jazz!


Bringing together 6 musicians for 10 instruments played on stage, we perform a diverse repertoire from Swing to Rhythm’n Blues and New Orleans standars, with a lot of compositions and original arrangementss


With the idea of delivering intergenerational, accessible and popular music, we hit the streets as well as bars, jams, major dance festivals and actual music festivals, for several hours of concerts!


See you on the dance floor!

Drums / vocals: Robin
Double bass / vocals: Babou
Keyboard: Thomas
Clarinet and saxophone: Tonio
Lead vocals, trumpet and guitar: Jérome
Trombone, tenor guitar and vocals: Maka

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